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"My journey with SWEET ENUFF was very open minded to the community and I loved every minute of it!
'A journey to a cure is Dancing the Dream of a Lifetime'"

-- Calvin Malcolm
SWEET ENUFF Youth Ambassador

"She has inspired all of us, especially the children"

-- Patricia Griffin, Guidance Councelor

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The SWEET ENUFF Dance Crew Project partners with local schools & communty organizations The SWEET ENUFF Wellness team consists of certified health & wellness, coaches and professional chefs and healthcare specialists from Mt. Sinai Hospital and New York Presbyterian hospital pediatric care unit. The outreach includes a dialogue about the importance of exercise and diet and to link healthy lifestyle choices to kids' long term goals and ambitions.

And, then, we DANCE!
Using the guidelines of the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity, we challenge kids in our program to get one hour of physical exercise a day. SWEET ENUFF works with some fo the best professional dancers and teachers in the business. As a result our kids experience some high-energy hip-hop dance fitness. The program culminates with a performance/battle. Students get to show off their new dance skills and present their own solutions to the obesity and diabetes epidemic.

The SWEET ENUFF Movement has made some major changes in the lives of school kids here in New York. We have run successful SWEET ENUFF Dance Crew Projects in schools throughout NYC. We are currently focused in the Harlem community.

The SWEET ENUFF Dance Crew took the stage at Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem. Not only did the kids wow the audience with their amazing dancing, they also spoke from the heart about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how health is tied to their life goals and aspirations.

The most touching moment for us came with the thanks of a mother of one of our students. She said that since her son had been in our program, he won't let her buy processed food. He's now dancing and playing basketball in the afternoons instead of playing video games. Because of SWEET ENUFF, she said that she herself had started eating better and that the entire family was watching their diet and exercising more.

With an 8 week program the goal is to get kids moving through dance-based activities. Additionally SWEET ENUFFF will teach healthy living habits that will contribute to the prevention of early diabetes onset and diabetes related complications.

Youth to participate in weekly dance based fitness rehearsals as a 'Dance Crew'. Rehearsals will be held with commercial hip-hop choreographers.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in America. Our nutritional counselors will help youth and families adopt healthy eating habits.

Habits don't change overnight. The SWEET ENUFF team of Life Coaches will support the kids and their families to address challenges round food and nutrition.

At the end of 8 weeks Dance Crews from schools and community organizations in the Tri State area will compete for the SWEET ENUFF Best Dance Crew. Crews will be judged on dance performance and reviewed for their nutritional and lifestyle transformations. Stay tuned for special prizes for the winning CREW and participants!

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