How many will YOU take?
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"[It's] perhaps one of the most powerful and loving approaches to educating youth about diabetes."

-- Dr. Ira Schneider
Former SWEET ENUFF Board Member

Tax Deductible Contributions
can be sent to:

The SWEET ENUFF Movement
459 Columbus Ave #198
New York, New York 10024

For information contact:

Amy Jordan:
(646) 820-2643

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The SWEET ENUFF Movement is a 501c3 charitable organizaiton. Your tax deductible contributionsbrian an dthe kids make our outreach posisble. You can donate here(donate button) to support teh expansion fo the SWEET ENUFF Dance Crew project.

Thank you in advance for your support!

some of our funders include:
Credit Suisse Bank
The Durfee Foundation
The Fruehauf Foundation
Chcicken of the Sea inernational
Adelphia Communications

To contact SWEET ENUFF movement office
Call: 646 820 2643

the SWEET ENUFF Management Team:

Amy Jordan, Executive and Artistic Director
Genevieve Stamper, Associate Director
Casie Goshow, Dance Teacher
Ranardo-Domeico Grays, Dance Teacher
Brian Henninger, Dance Teacher
Lela Reynolds, Certified Health Coach
Patrick Sasso/Loop Seven: Web Design

Board of Directors
Les Jean-Pierre
Kara Doyle
Helaine Ciporen
Christopher Muhammad
Johnny Paolillo
Rishma Chand, M.D.

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